Harvey Milk, Mt. St. Mtn.


After an irresponsibly long hiatus, its time to get back on track with a quick review of last night’s Bottle Tree show.  We arrived late due to an impromptu Assault on Precinct 13 viewing party, so I didn’t catch the first band of the evening.

Second up, Mt. St. Mtn. from Birmingham, AL.  It’s kind of hard to describe the sound, except that its highly techical rock– borderline metal(?).  All members are clearly very talented musicians, but I’m not sure I “got it” as much as I would’ve liked.  I had trouble finding a focus.  That being said, I really enjoyed the experience of watching them play and I’m looking forward to checking them out again.  Maybe I just wasn’t ready for the onslaught of complexity.  Whatever, they’re great.  Check them out as soon as you can.



Harvey Milk was the much-anticipated headliner for the night.  For anyone who hasn’t heard this band, they’re basically the heaviest thing you can imagine.  They’re best known for sludgey, low-end rumbling sounds … droney guitar and bass, wailing vocals, sparse percussion.  And that’s how they started off the night.  Kyle thinks they were playing their already slow music at about 70% speed of the recordings and I don’t think that’s far-off.  Unfortunately, some folks at the show didn’t have the patience for this sort of artsy doom and cut out early. Well, those people really missed out because Harvey Milk played like a freight train leaving a loading depot–they started off at slow and methodical, but accellerated into what would eventually become a Zepplin/ZZ Top-inspired rock show that was loud, fast-paced and unstoppable.  They were literally stretching during the early part of the evening (see pic) … playing their more deliberate numbers early before letting it loose.  So, so good.  And I’ll be honest, it took me many listens of this band to really get into the sound; it was kind of a challenge.  But since it clicked, I’ve really gotten into it.  And their live show is NOT to be missed.  Lucky for you, they’re coming back through Birmingham in July with Torch.  Don’t miss it!


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  1. yea– more posts!

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